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Things can’t get better than this for Indian MBA applicants. If you are an Indian and your dream hovers around an MBA from Stanford (or you’d like it to hover there! ), please be enlightened about the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships awarded by Stanford every year to 5(max) applicants. Yes its a free ride all the way, from applying for GMAT to applying for Stanford, and to attending the programme !

There’s one caveat, if you wish to call it so – one needs to return and work in India within 2 years of graduation, for a minimum period of 2 years in any sector (and NOT necessarily for Reliance). This is more than a fair deal. Its ideal for me since I am looking for a career in India post-MBA in any case.

Question – would I have Stanford in my list if this scholarship was not around ?

No. Its a stretch college, with one of the most selective entrance process in place.

First step is to qualify for the scholarship and be among the 50 finalists. The scholarship application is very basic and simple, with one essay (250 words) – How do you aspire to shape India’s future ?

If you read that in one shot and have grown up in India, and if you were asked to state the question again, chances are that you’ll state the question as – How do you aspire to CHANGE India’s future ? That is, if you think like me. I made that mistake, until I re-visited the question. The wish for changing the way things are is now so strong and inherent in me that I need to remind myself that this is a different question. Just one essay, and a brilliant one.

Do you aspire to SHAPE India’s future ? Or do you aspire to give it some shape ?

The topic evokes a lot of emotions, but this is not a treatise on whats wrong with India or what works for India or anything to do with India. The question is about you – how do YOU aspire to shape India’s future ? Are you passionate about your country, do you feel strongly about something YOU can do, to shape its future ?

Big talk should be avoided. Unless the panelist is just looking at how creatively you write.

So, big question – Do you really think you can shape India’s future in any way, apart from becoming one of the highest tax payers in a few years (oh well, even a Stanford MBA won’t get you in that bracket in India 🙂 ). If you are in it only for big bucks, I would suggest that you try your hand at creative writing. 250 words won’t take long especially if you simply rephrase the question wisely enough and enough number of times.

If you really want to make a difference, and an MBA from Stanford will empower you to achieve the same, go ahead and pour your heart out. It may sound unrealistic in the end, but then so can your dream of getting into Stanford. Remember, a dream isn’t a dream if its not unrealistic.

Like this:



“Let’s make this world a better place with some dazzling business ideas” this is what the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship stands for. Every prospect businessman, whosoever wants to outstand as the most celebrated businessman and follow the footsteps of great Dhirubhai Ambani (founder of Reliance Group). What else, he hasn’t just made his business large but also gave Indian entrepreneurs and wanna be business folks to achieve their dreams in a great manner.

Today he is not with us but his preaching is influencing us throughout the generations. Reliance Industry Limited has open-handedly established the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program with a clear vision i.e. to support the Indian nationals living in India who are seeking financial assistance to obtain an MBA at Stanford.

Stanford GSB has a firm emphasis on global management education and is proud to enroll number of students over the years. They are the core part of the student body and work wonderfully to endow our community with a direct and delicate insight into a budding global financial system that took the largest democracy of the world. Hopefully, we are very excited to witness that this fellowship beautifully persuades the talented and motivated Indian men and women who might have hardly made to the renowned business school due to tough fiscal issues.

Future Indian Leaders, through Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program get a solid educational foundation to effect the positive change in India and to lead the organizations that are at the vanguardof growth and development in the swiftly rising Indian economy.

Each year, upto five selected candidates get the opportunity to avail the fellowships:

Fellows at Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai will receive the financial support to pay off their tuition and associated fees every year of the two year Stanford MBA program which is around $150,000 in total.

After the two years of completing their Stanford MBA studies, Fellows at Reliance Dhirubhai are required to return to Indian for at least two years of period and have to work for an Indian organization.

Upon their return to India, the fellows retain as the integral members of Stanford University, Stanford GSB as well as theReliance Dhirubhai Fellows communities.

Important Note: Over the last few months, on various social media forums, it’s been discussed that Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani fellowship for Stanford MBA has been discontinued, following the given message on Stanford website. Is it a rumor or reality?

We would like to thank Reliance Industries Limited for its generous support in the past of the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows Program to assist Indian students with financial need in obtaining an MBA at Stanford. To date, 19 fellowships have been awarded.
At this time, we are no longer accepting applications for future Reliance Dhirubhai fellowships.

Answer: But soon after following the latest updates it got cleared that there is no such confirmation from Stanford about discontinuation of Reliance Dirubhai Ambani fellowship. One can still easily apply for the program by following the simple online application process which is still available online and can be accessed by the potential candidates without any hazard.

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Process and Evaluation Criteria

  • Apply for Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program
  • Apply to Stanford MBA Program
  • Attend Stanford MBA Program
  • Return to work in India for at least two years

First Stage:

Initially you have to complete the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program Application

During the selection process, upto 40 fellow finalists will be selected based on the following criteria including:

  • Merit
  • Commitment to developing India
  • Financial Requirement

Second Stage:

Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program Finalists

As part of the MBA admission process, finalists of Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship must also meet the entire requirement suggested by Stanford GSB application requirements, including submission of GMAT or GRE and IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL if applicable.

Each year, Stanford may choose upto five Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows among the finalists based on the given admission criteria:

  • Intellectual vitality
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Personal qualities and contributions

Important Dates:

  • Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program online application availability date: 24 April 2017 – 7 June 2017
  • Application submission deadline: 7 June 2017 (5:00pm Pacific Time)
  • Finalists Notification Date: 30 June 2017
  • Finalists prepare and submit Stanford MBA application date: Round 1: 19 Sept 2017, Round 2: 10 Jan 2018
  • Stanford releases admission decisions, including those for Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows: Round 1: 14 Dec 2017 Round 2: 29 March 2018
  • Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows matriculate in Stanford MBA Program: September 2018



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