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History A2 Coursework Germany

A level History - All Possible Arguments for Strong Weak/ Dictator With Multiple Examples - Nazi Germany controversy essay - Kaiser to Fuhrer

- This is a comprehensive list of ALL of the possible arguments that may come up in the part B source based controversy sources n the edexcel A2 Kaiser to Fuhrer History Exam, for the question on whether Hitler was weak or strong. -- A2 Edexcel 'Kaiser to Fuhrer' German History Exam - This is an essay plan for revision purposes - every point is backed up with multiple relevant examples, analysis and evaluation - the different types of point are colour coordinated - Black being analysis, Red being example, and blue being evaluation. - These essay plans were the only revision used for the exam, and I achieved an A* -Hope this Helps! -The same style of document has also been produced for the popularity question and will soon be uploaded.

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We didn't study the Holocaust as it wasn't part of our A2 Germany syllabus so I haven't studied the Holocaust since Year 9 but with regard to your structure;

Start with a statement of intent so if you agree with the statement word it around that, if you disagree base your intro about that.
I.e. "The Holocaust was part of a pre-determined Nazi plan which had been at the NSDAP's roots since Hitler ascended to become leader of the party in 1921. We can see evidence of this intent in Hitler's book, Mein Kampf..."

Then go on to briefly outline what and how you are going to argue for and against this (all of this in your first paragraph/ introduction).

Throughout the essay you must then go through each of your points in detail. Don't forget to mention dates, names, conference, support for, support against, who supported, who didn't, the international reaction, etc.

For maximum impact your conclusion should resemble your introduction. I.e. "The NSDAP had long-planned to exterminate those whom they saw as 'in-human'. The Wannsee Conference goes to show just how committed to the total extermination of the Jews that Nazis really were, their plan could not have been conceived during one conference thus reinforcing the view that the NSDAP had a pre-determined plan to irradiate the Jews."

Does that make sense?

Your teachers should be able to give you examples and explain how you should structure your essays. If they don't then just ask them and I'm sure that they will help you.

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