El Aprendiz De Satanas Critical Thinking

In my opinion, one of the best things about being a film critic with friends is that, at times, the friends can introduce you to films that you never heard of before. That was how I found out about Satan's Little Helper: through me and two friends being bored and needing something to watch to pass time that was not deep, philosophical, or serious. What I got out of those one and a half hours is a film that completely embraces the definition of a cult classic and modern black comedy. The story to this film is simple enough: an autistic young boy (I believe he is Autistic and I don't care what you say. HE IS!) who is obsessed with a video game called Satan's Little Helper meets the real Satan and is taken through a night of pure hell as he thinks that all that is happening is just a game. Okay, I am giving this film points on the plot for the most part. Up until the last twenty minutes, this film had a goofy, silly plot that was just fun to watch. Then, it turned into a stereotypical horror/ slasher film that involved the family being trapped in the house with the killer and the killer looking for them. This formula has been around sense the dawn of cinema, and I doubt it is going away. Which for this film, it is a disappointment. You see, this film had a lot of potential and power with the plot and then... it went down hill when it became so much like a slasher film. I don't know why the decided on this path to take, but for what the plot is, it is entertaining. Just wish the ending was different. One thing about the filming I liked about this film is how hilarious it is. Okay, with horror films, you tend to have dark colors and haunting music to set the tone. For the most part of this film, the colors are light, bright, and the music is mainly cheerful. While I did find this funny, I do think it was a wise choice with the cinematography of the film. Part of what makes a film great is how you can sense what the main character looks, sees, feels, and hears as the story progresses. This is what this film does with flying colors. This film takes taboo subject matter like being best friends with the Devil, killing people, and torturing others and turns them all into light heart comedy. How this film done it was genius. A downside though has to be the acting. Okay, Alexander Brickel (Douggie: The Hero) has to be one of the most annoying child actors I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean, he can't act, can't say any lines, and just makes you want to beat the crap out of him. When I am watching a film with child actors, I don't expect much. Just a decent performance. Here, I get a performance that is worse then kids have his age performing Phantom Of The Opera. He is just a character that I am hoping would be erased from my mind. The other actor that sticks out, and who I am wondering why she is even in this film, is Amanda Plummer as the mother of Douggie. Okay, let me ask this: She went from Quentin Tarantino's PULP FICTION to... this? Not that wise of a choice to accept this script. Now, if it was for the money, why still pick this? Was this seriously the only role you could get? She done an okay job with this film, but nothing completely memorable in the slightest. As I said, I watched this film with two friends of mine and I was laughing nonstop. It was a blast to watch this film for the first time. Later on, I showed my brother (another film critic) this film and that was when I finally saw the flaws and the problems this film had. I still laughed the second time, but the issues that does not make this film great are apparent. So, would I recommend this film? Only if you like cheap, B films, have a taste for the macabre, enjoy black humor and underground cult films, then this film is for you. Good script, wonderful filming, but lukewarm acting. Just, watch it with a bunch of friends at night. You will get a lot more out of it.

Hello everyone, here is my newest work. I wanted to try something new for quite some time so here it is, my first story with God-like Naruto. What can be a better place for a God-like Naruto than a universe where other god-like beings exist.

Important Note: This is not Naruto transporting to DXD world kind of story, he was born and raised in DXD world. You can think of him as a reincarnation of Original Naruto, but please do not think that his characteristics will be fully similar to that of the canon one. After all, he went through different kind of hardships and acceptance here in DXD world.

Note: This chapter was Beta'd by Mintjewel, (who agreed to help me fix grammar and general mistakes). A big thank you for this, my friend.

Disclaimer: Do not own Naruto or High school DxD.





Everywhere i looked, I saw fire. No matter how far i searched, it was all I could see.

I was the only person to survive, standing in the middle of the carnage. I was wounded but alive nonetheless. Using my broken arm, I was cradling her dying body close to my chest as my other hand was holding my savior. The weapon, which had a simple design and was glossy pearl white, helped me to take my revenge against the fiends that destroyed the town, my hometown.

The agony filled screams of my friends and fellow townsfolk fell silent long ago. but the fire didn't stop, It kept burning as strong as ever while burning the remains of the people and their homes mercilessly. Anger and despair was all i felt as I watched the orphanage and the town I grew up being destroyed right in front of me. I was able to kill the monsters who did this, but I couldn't save anyone, not even my little sister.

I prayed, to the gods, to the angels and even to the devils, to save us, to save my sister. None answered my prayers. My tears have dried up and my voice had become hoarse from screaming. But I refused to stop believing, to let it end like this. So this time I prayed to my weapon, to my last hope for a miracle. I screamed at it with a broken voice as my blood replaced my tears.

I wasn't sure how and why. But words escaped my mouth without my command. Instead of fighting it, i let the words flow.

"O Spear. The true Holy Spear which pierces through God.

Suck the ambition of the King of Domination sleeping within me and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction.

You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow."

As I chanted the words, my body started to feel light as if all my negative emotions have been lifted from me. I knew I shouldn't have felt like that but I couldn't help it, it was as if someone or something was saying everything was going to be alright in a soothing voice and whispering to me to just wish.

So I did.

I wished what had been in my mind and most likely everyone else.

"Save us."

I was looking at the burning town, which looked more like a scene from a tragic movie. And in a flash, the fire was gone and so were the dead bodies. Everything was back to normal as if nothing had ever happened. People were walking around and going on with their daily lives like usual. I could even hear the distinct cheerful voices of my friends coming from the orphanage. Suddenly my breathe hitched as I slowly looked down. My sister was lying there with her eyes closed. She was sleeping, no wounds nor erratic breathing. Nothing. She looked as peaceful as ever.

I stared at the spear and slowly brought it to my chest, cradling as if it was my lifeline.

I felt another presence. I don't know how I was able to sense her, maybe it had something to do with my spear. But the large amount of power she gave off made me feel weak and small. Compared to her, those monsters were like bugs flying in the sky where as her power resembled the endless sky itself. I was scared. Shaking slightly, i tilted my head back to look at her.

I saw her standing a few feet away from me with a stoic expression. She was wearing a strange black Lolita costume. Her eyes were emotionless as they bored into mine. I could hear my heartbeat increasing with each step she took toward me. It felt like eons had passed when she stopped in front of me. I tighten my grip on my baby sister and my weapon. She didn't even paid any attention at them as if they didn't matter. My body twitched visibly when I felt her move. To my surprise the only thing she did was stretch out her hand to me.

In that moment I saw something in her eyes. I didn't know what it was but somehow it made me feel safe and protected.

I didn't even notice when my hand reached out to her. And i might have imagined the slight upward twitch her lips did.






Ten Years Later


I never liked this place. Yet here I was, at one of my least favorite places, hiding my powers to avoid being sensed. I even casted a strong illusion spell on myself for extra precaution. All of this was just to gain the favor of the Youkai leader who asked me to check out few species of Youkai that lived in various places. She was concerned about their wellbeing. But because of their choice of residency, she wasn't able to send her own people to check on them.

I read the small note in my hand. The last one on the list was Nekoshou, a special type of Nekomata and considered the strongest among their species. I still couldn't believe that they chose Hell out of all the places to live in. Oh well, all I have to do was check on them and leave this godforsaken place as fast as I could. My thoughts were interrupted by a large nearby explosion. Without a second thought I ran over to the direction of the blast.

I was surprised to see a horde of devils surrounding a girl and from what i could see, she was a Nekoshou. I nearly face palmed. "I can't catch a break, can i?"

I coughed loudly to get their attention. It wasn't a good decision, seeing as I was forced to dodge attacks from the devils. Guess something happened that made the devils too tense for civilized discussion, but then again, i highly doubt they could engage in civilized discussion.

"You must be an extra devil. Beat it or we'll kill you too." One of the demons barked pit, looked like he was the leader of the pack.

I didn't say anything as I glanced at the girl. People say that if you looked into a person's eyes you would see their soul. It was true, because the moment my eyes met hers, I saw myself all those years back. Helpless and cornered, praying to be saved.

So I did what I've been doing since that day. I followed my heart and my instinct. I stretched out my arm and called for my weapon. The moment it came to view, every devil, even the girl, was shocked and took a few steps back involuntarily. With cold eyes, i looked at the scared devils. They instantly knew what was going to happen. Unfortunately for them, their panicked scrambling wasn't fast enough.

"Infinite god style: Hundred thrusts." My hand blurred as the deadly strikes from my holy weapon descended on them. They didn't have time to scream, let alone dodge as they ceased to exist in mere seconds.

I looked at the girl, who flinched at my gaze. I relaxed my stance and softened my gaze to show the girl i was an ally. It was not enough, so I rushed to the point, "Please, be at ease. Yasaka-san send me to check up on the Nekoshou. She was worried about them. Would you mind telling me what happened?" Hearing that she relaxed a little.

"Will you help us?" The girl's voice was laced with fear. Something terrible must've happened to get her this frightened.

"Didn't i just do that?" I pointed at my surroundings.

"Then please follow me, we could still save the rest." The girl sounded desperate. What she said made me tense up. I guess i didn't fully comprehend how bad the situation was.

I followed after the girl, who was racing toward the village. Along the way I asked her what was going on, although she was reluctant at first she did open up. She explained how after losing her parents, she and her sister were taken in by a Devil who reincarnated her as his Bishop. While serving the devil, she became extremely powerful, even surpassing her own master which became her undoing. As to keep her on a leash her master threatened her with her sister's life and was close to harming her. In a fit of rage she attacked her master and things escalated into something bigger; she was forced to kill him. Now she was branded as a stray devil, while many other devils started to hunt down the rest of the Nekoshou.

It didn't take long before we reached the village, or what was left of the village. I was not a stranger to war or what comes after it, but I would never forget what I saw there. The devils weren't killing the Nekoshou in a sense of justice, oh no, they were killing them just for the fun of it. They were killing the old and the children ferociously like they were dirt. Some even pinned down a few girls with sharp weapons jabbed into their limbs. And they were raping them, laughing while doing it. Quite a few Nekoshou gathered together and formed a defensive line to protect the weak. The devils hovering around the group were taunting them, knowing full well that there was no hope for the cat women.

Something inside me snapped.


And it seemed that I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

I raised my spear and immediately the whole village was covered with a thick holy aura making everyone's head snap towards me. I didn't wait one second as I chanted the words,

"O Spear. The true Holy Spear which punishes the evil.

Pass thy judgment to the sinners and bring forth the light of redemption for the innocent.

You. The Savior and the slayer, announce your verdict."

I looked at the devils and gave them a cold and cruel smile.

"Heaven's Law."

A holy light enveloped me and within seconds it expanded and soon covered the whole village. The hunters now became the hunted. The moment the light touched the devils, they were burned from within, they screamed and tried to counterattack but none of their powers were working. The fire didn't burn them down instantly, it was meant to give them a slow and agonizing death. But it worked differently for the Nekoshou, those that were injured or exhausted were rejuvenated but the light couldn't do anything to those that passed away. It did heal their bodies as a mean to give them a proper burial later.

I watched with cold eyes as screaming of the devils slowly died down. Some strong ones even tried to get away but they couldn't escape the barrier. Few even came to me, begging to release it or at least to give them a quick death. I neither replied nor did anything. They didn't deserve mercy so they received none.

It was over in a few minutes. I took a deep breath, the light created a barrier in itself so no one else would notice the intense holy aura the place emitted, but I was sure more devils would be coming soon when they wouldn't be able to contact these devils. I knew that I had to act fast.

But before I could do anything, a few Nekoshou lashed out at the stunned girl beside me and would've hit her if I hadn't shielded her in time. Seeing me they whimpered in submission and backed away.

"Why is the wrench here?" A woman shouted from the back.

"It is because of you that this happened. Why did my family have to die because of you?" Bellowed another angry girl. I could see that the things would escalate quickly if I wouldn't step in.

"Calm down." I lightly brought down my spear to the ground with a thump. Immediately the whole area fell silent. All the Nekoshou were looking at me with admiring and respecting gazes, though some still had a trace of fear in their eyes. "I think introductions are in order, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am a mercenary and before you ask, no I am not involved with any of the factions. As for why I am here, Yasaka-san has sent me to check up on you people seeing that she couldn't send one of her own all the way down here." With that intro, I lowered my head slightly, "I sincerely apologize for not arriving earlier, if I had then I could have saved many more."

"It's not your fault, Naruto-sama. If anyone was to be punished it should be her." A woman gritted her teeth as the rest nodded their heads in agreement. They looked at the girl next to me, their eyes showing nothing but pure hatred. She was quiet the whole time, accepting all the lashings her kind was throwing at her.

"This was not her fault." Hearing that, she looked at me with wide eyes. Everyone was taken aback as well, "All she did was protect her sister. And even you people saw that the devils that attacked you didn't do it for justice, it was for their pleasure. Her killing her devil master was just the excuse they needed." All the Nekoshou calmed down a bit.

"What now?" Another random Nekoshou asked.

"Now I will send you all to Yasaka-san. I have a teleportation device that will create a bridge from here to a city near Kyoto. Yasaka-san's people are there, tell them that I sent you and give them this. They will take you to Yasaka-san directly." With that I gave them a pendant, "Also take the deceased with you and give them a proper burial. And when you meet Yasaka-san please tell her exactly what transpired here."

"Wait …." The girl next to me nearly screamed out.

"Don't worry, we are going to save your sister after this." I said calmly. She was stunned and so were the rest.

"Also, she won't be coming with you as I will take her and her sister with me to somewhere safer. Rest assure that Yasaka-san will have no problem protecting all of you" Everyone understood what I meant. With the main culprit's absence, the devils wouldn't be able to demand anything from the Youkai faction and seeing that they started the injustice killing they had to act carefully.

I took out an orb and threw it in front of me. Before the orb could even hit the ground, it exploded creating a portal. A hazy image of a small city could be seen through the portal. With reluctant steps, slowly one by one all the Nekoshou left the village taking the injured and deceased with them.

Within five minutes there wasn't a single soul left in the village except the girl and i.

"So, I didn't get your name." I asked jokingly to lighten up the mood and somehow it worked.

"It's Kuroka, nya~." She said with a gentle smile, though it was a tired smile, she looked really beautiful when smiling.

"Let's go save your sister, shall we?"






Few Days Later

Easier said than done,

For the first few days after the attack, we were trying to locate Shirone, Kuroka's sister. The problem was even though I could get into the cities disguised as a devil, Kuroka couldn't and I needed her to find her sister. And because of this our search had slowed down considerably. It seemed that what I did at the village caused a huge uproar and the devils believed that somehow it was Kuroka's fault.

After snooping around a bit, we finally found out that Shirone would be taken to a stadium from the prison to be executed publicly. Kuroka almost rushed to the prison but I stopped her saying that we had better chance at saving her if we would strike when they would transport her.

And that leaves us here, waiting to ambush the transport vehicles when they would pass by us. I sighed when I felt Kuroka tensing beside me, "So they are coming?" Kuroka nodded to my question. Soon we saw few carriages coming toward us but before I could stop Kuroka, she jumped up and destroyed the vehicle in the middle, causing me to facepalm.

I slowly got out from the hidden place knowing full well that Kuroka could handle most of the devils. And truthfully she did, but for some reason something didn't sit right with me. But I pushed that thought aside as I watched the sisters hugging each other tightly.

"Nee-chan, nee-chan, you're really here!" The small petite girl started to cry into Kuroka's tight embrace.

"Of course, I promised, didn't I? That I will always protect you, my baby sister." Kuroka started to soothe Shirone, even though her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

Suddenly time seemed to stop as one person exited the last undamaged carriage. He had a laid-back stance but his power was telling us otherwise. Seeing the blood drain from Kuroka's face confirmed my hunch on the person's identity. Of course, as if anything ever went without a hitch for me.

Tightening her hold on Shirone, Kuroka jumped back and crept behind me. She started to say something but I raised my arm to stop her. Any kind of Information was of great importance after all and I didn't want Kuroka to reveal something unnecessary to our opponent. Good thing I was wearing a mask, it was plain white with rectangular holes for eyes. It was to disguise myself and it would automatically cast a few spells on me, one of which was to constantly change my hair color from black to white. It also masked my life signature so identifying me would not be an easy task. Really it was one of the best gifts I have gotten from her.

"Is it safe to assume that you are Falbium Asmodeus?" I asked politely

"Glad you know, so why not you people make this less troublesome and surrender peacefully." He said with a yawn.

"Can I ask you a question?" He shrugged, so I continued, "Do you know the real story behind Kuroka's action? Not the bullshit one." He raised an eyebrow when hearing my question.

"So my assumption was correct. He did something stupid, didn't he?" Falbium asked Kuroka but didn't wait for her answer, "Regardless, she has to stand for trial. There were other ways to solve the problem than killing your master."

"Really? Then why did those devils attack the innocent Nekoshou? If I hadn't intervened those devils would have slaughtered all of them, including the elders and children. Would they have been put for trial for their actions?" His posture changed as he looked critically at me. "Fuck!" I just realized that in a fit of anger I told him that I was the one that took out all those devils.

"Even as a Satan there are things that even we can't control. But rest assure, she will be judged wisely." I could sense him powering up. And with a snap of his finger he summoned hundreds of demonic warriors that surrounded us instantly. Now I remembered why this guy was chosen as one of the great four Satans. He could summon hundreds of demonic knights that were equivalent to High class devils and some of the special knights were just as strong as the Ultimate class devils, his army was known as the 'Demonic Spartan Army'. The scary part wasn't the sheer amount and power of this demon army but it was the mind of their summoner. With his superior army and his strategic mind, Falbium could change the outcome of any battles in matter of minutes.

But those didn't matter to me at the moment.

"So you can't control or judge your fucking people as they slaughter an entire race just for fun but you need to judge an older sister for protecting her younger sister." The sheer amount of hatred that flowed out from my mouth even made the great Satan to step back.

I heard enough, I took a deep breath to calm myself as I looked back at the sisters and smiled gently, "it's going to be alright." I say reassuringly to them.

I stretched out my arm and called for my partner. Radiating an unnatural amount of holy energy the spear materialized. Seeing the spear his eyes widened and no matter how hard he tried to hide it, I was able to see a small tinge of fear in the Satan's eyes.

"Balance Breaker: True Longinus Götterdämmerung."


At the Stadium.


"So what's your real plan, Sirzechs?" Asked a beautiful girl with long black hair. Her violet eyes were focused on her friend beside her.

"Come on Serafall, what makes you think that?" The red-haired Satan chuckled weakly. Seeing her giving him a knowing look, he sighed in defeat.

"I was planning to give the younger sister to Rias but after the incident at the village. Things might be a bit more difficult." Sirzechs relaxed into his chair. "I hope Falbium knows what he is doing."

"What would you do if he catches the elder sister?" Serafall asked sadly, being an elder sister as well she didn't like where this was going.

"I can't let her roam freely after everything that has happened, the least I could do is to imprison her but the council would surely want her dead." Sirzechs sighed deeply as he looked at Serafall, "I can only cover for one of them."

Whatever Serafall was about to say died down at her throat when both of them felt a huge amount of unfiltered holy energy. Not a second later the whole area shook. They rushed outside and saw huge white clouds gathering around in one direction.

"Wasn't Falbium over there?" Serafall asked and immediately went into high alert.

"Guards stay here and protect the VIPs, someone get Ajuka and tell him to go there." Sirzechs looked at Serafall who nodded and instantly they took off.

By the time they reached the place the white clouds had vanished but what they saw there shocked them to their core. The legendary 'Demonic Spartan Army' was lying all around them, completely obliterated. The whole area looked as if a gigantic battle just took place. They frantically searched for their friend in that wasteland and finally their eyes landed on him.

Falbium was sitting in a defeated manner, though he didn't have any serious injuries he was unconscious. His eyes were slightly opened and his head was swaying from side to side. Serafall quickly went near him as she started to check for internal injuries.

Sirzechs looked around the battlefield one more time, he now knew that Kuroka wasn't alone and whoever was with her had enough strength to completely defeat a Satan and possessed high amount of holy energy, enough to shake an entire region at his awakening. He looked back at his friend and rubbed his forehead, things had just gone from bad to worse.


In Real World


All of us face dived into my pool. I immediately grabbed Kuroka by her waist and pulled her up, who in turn pulled Shirone and held her above the water. They started to make some weird cat-like noises. I guess cats and water never went along no matter the species.

"I really need to work on my teleportation jump" I muttered to myself. Slowly I waded over to the side of the pool and helped the sisters get out. After I got out from the water, I lied down on my back and before I knew what was happening, Kuroka lied down on top of me. Having her luscious, wet body on top of me was too much for my teenage mind. I gently grabbed her to move her to the side but luck was not on my side.

Well luck was never on my side to begin with.

The lights turned on and there she was standing with her ever so stoic face. I was pretty sure I was making the face like a deer caught in headlights.

"I can explain ….. I think."





This is the only chapter with point of view style, I thought it would be cooler but don't worry, rest will be normal third perspective style.

About Naruto's power, he will have True Longinus and his skills with it will be abnormal. I will write a small wiki about the powers of Naruto and True Longinus at the end of each chapter (hopefully) but I will only describe what is necessary. Do tell how you guys think about it.

Heaven's Law – This skill is like 'Fairy Law' but more powerful and instead of the light coming down from the sky it will come out from him. This attack is fairly strong, enough to kill hordes of any beings but it has one major restriction.

Infinite God Style – This is Naruto's spear techniques and I am pretty sure you guys can guess from where he learned it.

That's it for now. All feedbacks are greatly appreciated so please leave a review.

Till next time.

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