Essay On My Favourite Hobby Is Reading Books

Hobbies are also called interest. This is an act that is not done as a  daily work. Its sole purpose is to utilise the time.We have written a useful essay on the hobby for school and college students.You can choose any one according to you need

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Essay on My Hobby(100 words)

Hobby is a kind of pleasant engagement of a person during his or her leisure hours. It provides relief to one of his usual routines work and fills him with a sort of satisfaction. The hobbies provide him with some diversion from his regular work and relax his mind. It may also become a source of his material gain in the long run.Well, I have many other hobbies like playing chess, flying kites, cycling, etc. But my favourite hobby is to read books. Apart from my school books, I have many books related to science, history, biography and etc. I use most of your pocket money to buy books.I love my hobby very much.

Essay on My Hobby(200 words)

Hobbies play a vital role in our life. Life is full of ups and downs. We have to face many difficulties in our life. Hobbies in hours of darkness keep us busy and make us forget our sorrows. A busy life is a happy life. Hobbies give us great joy and interest in life. After considering everything, I have taken up gardening as my hobby. It is the most useful hobby. The digging of the earth for the planting of trees and preparing flower beds are very pleasing to the eyes. Gardening gives me light exercise, while the smell of the fresh ground tones up my body.

A good garden demands that it should be kept neat and clean, free from weeds. The plants and flowers are also required that they should be watered, given manure and trimmed at the proper time. A person who takes up gardening should, therefore, be always alert and active. He also learns the value of neatness not only in respect of gardening but all other matters. It also makes one capable of appreciating the beauty of nature.

Finally, gardening is one of the cheapest hobbies, considering it in every respect. I have decided to adopt gardening as my permanent hobby.

Essay on My Hobby(400 to 500 words)


A hobby always lies hidden in one's instincts, and it comes out when it gets a scope for expression. One pursues it when one gets a chance.Every person has got hobbies of his own without his knowledge. And when he does something that is not a part of his occupation or routine, it is nothing but his hobby.

Types of Hobbies:

Hobbies may be of different types such as collecting Stamps, collecting news of the world, collecting coins of different ages or countries, gardening, taking part in games and sports, painting, knitting, reading books and journals and so on. People of different classes pursue hobbies as per their taste, talent and ability.

My Favourite Hobby:

Reading is my favourite hobby. I am a student. I have to do a lot of studies. In spite of this, I have developed an enjoyable hobby of reading books other than my textbooks. I have started pursuing this hobby ever since I took admission in class VI. Besides books, I read some periodicals and journals too.

I am very fond of reading stories, fictions and plays. Well, I have read lots of stories and novels were written by Kanhu Charan, Gopinath Mohanty, Surendra Mohanty, Manoj Das Bibhuti Patnaik and Pratibha Roy, of the books, I have read so far. I remember we Dandapani, Paraja, Kaa, Neela Shaila, Andha Diganta, Haa-Anna, Aswamedha Ghoda, Shila Padma,  Jajnaseni which I feel are quite excellent. I have also read the humorous and satirical stories of Faturananda. I like them very much. They are enough to make you laugh and enjoy them, and at the same time, they expose the flaws and foibles of the present society. I also have a taste for poetry. I have read some poems of Gangadharan and Radhanath. I appreciate them very much. I cannot digest modern poetry because it is beyond my understanding. However, I have read some of the poems of Sachi Rautray, Ramakanta Ratha, Dilip Das and Pratibha


Besides Oriya books, I have read the stories from Shakespeare and Tagore and some poems of Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley and Robert rost. I appreciate Wordsworth's 'Daffodils' and Frost's 'On a Snowy Evening'. I always remember Frost's memorable lines:

The woods are lovely dark and deep,But I have promises to keep,Miles to go before I sleep Miles to go before I sleep.

These lines have so much impact on me that I have made it a mission in my life to go on working till my last breath. I have developed a habit of regularly reading the verses of the Gita'. I want to be a Karmayogi in my life, and go on with my actions without worrying about their fruit.


My choice is simple but useful. It is true that one can not afford to buy so many books for one's hobby, and so can't I. But I borrow books from the libraries. So it is no more a problem for me to pursue my hobby. I get a sort of pleasure out of it. My hobbies do not interfere with studies. It instead gives me the knowledge and improves my standard.

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Typically, an essay or paragraph writing can be given to my hobby (interest) for students in schools or colleges or in their dissertation writing competitions. We are providing a series of essays for students in different word boundaries here. Any of these can choose essay on my hobby, according to your need.

Essay on my favorite hobby 

We have given here essays on my hobby in English language for students in different words limit like 100, 200, 250, 350, 400 and 500 words.

Essay on my interest 1 (100 words)

Playing soccer in free time is my favorite hobby. After completing my homework at home, I usually spend most of my time playing football. I am very fond of playing football since my childhood, though, when I was 5 years old, then I learned to play this game properly. At the time I was 5 years old, I was in class 1. Dad told the class teacher about the hobby about playing my football teacher-guardian conference. And my teacher told Dad that, from class 1, students have the facility to play games daily in the school, so you can get your child admitted here. Now I actually enjoy playing football, and also take part in the school's internal competition.

Essay 2 on my interest (200 words)

I am very fond of reading, whether it is a newspaper, news, novel, book of common knowledge or any other enlightening book, which is written by a good writer. I read mostly any stories book, newsletter, mangjin and other such articles in my spare time, in which my information is available. My father first noticed this on my interest, and he encouraged me by saying that this is a very good habit, my son, which you have got natural, never let go of this habit. And always keep it in your practice. I was a very young child, and used to read books of fairy tales and other stories given by my parents with great interest.

Now I am 10 years old and I am studying in class 5. Now I see, really, the benefits of your reading interest. It has enabled me to get information on any topic of general knowledge. This habit has helped me to understand the wonders of the world, the history of the origin of the organism, the space, the animals, the birds, the plants, the aquatic creatures and other amazing things about the world.


Essay 3 on my interest (250 words)

My favorite hobby is to read interesting and enlightening books in a spare time. Whenever I go home from school, after completing my homework, I like reading books like this. I am 12 years old and study in class 7. Now, I know very well that reading books is a good habit, which makes me the perfect one. This hobby can be developed by anyone, however, I found it natural. Reading the books keeps a person happy and busy. This is a good source of happiness, knowledge, encouragement and information. It makes us a successful person, disciplined, just, trustworthy, punctual and even more important.

No one can be alone and troubled by reading books. I believe, this habit is more precious than gold in the world. It provides us with high level of knowledge, ideal ideas, good thought, etc. to work in different fields. Books which are fond of reading, good and interesting books are like good friends. Whoever does not have this habit, no matter how much material things and money it is, yet it is poor in the absence of true wealth of knowledge.A book of habit or hobbies, by anyone, also tried in youth Can be obtained by doing.

Essay 4 on my dear interest (350 words)

My favorite hobby is watching TV. I like watching TV in free time. Watching TV is my hobby, but my hobby of this does not interfere in my studies. First of all, I complete my homework and remembering and then watch TV. I think, this is my very interesting, because watching TV gives me information about different areas. Usually, I like to watch the program on News and Discovery Channel as well as the Animal Planet Channel. I also like to see some good cartoons, which give me creative ideas for making art and cartoon. My parents admire this habit and they are very happy when they hear all the latest news from me.

I am 8 years old now and I am studying in class 3, however, my hobby was developed in my childhood. Watching TV rightfully plays a very important role in our lives. It tells us about the latest information about all the events happening in the world. Keeping information about the events happening around the world has increased in the modern times of modern times, due to competition, it has become very important. Some people believe that watching television is just a waste of time but, they are unaware of the reality that, if the TV is viewed properly, it leads a person towards the path of success. There are many benefits to seeing it, as it improves our knowledge and gives lots of information related to our lifestyle. Many such programs are broadcast on TV which, in fact, increase our awareness of events around the world. Programs on a wide range of subjects are also broadcast on TV such as history, mathematics, economics, science, geography, culture etc are circulated to make people more aware.


Essay on my interest (hobbies) 5 (400 words)

Hobby displays a special interest in any of his other habits in any person, which is different from all of his habits. Hobby is a great thing, which happens to everyone. Being a hobby of any object is a good habit which is very important in all, because it inspires the person to do things of his choice. It engages the person with an open mind in any work. It never leaves us alone and sticks to our mental illness. I still remember that, when I was only 3 years old, I usually enjoyed gardening, I spent my spare time. I liked to go to the park every morning with my dad. When I was a kid, my dad used to laugh often by seeing me giving water to small plants. But now he is proud of me, that I did something to save the life of plants and understand their importance and value for the existence of life on earth.

Hobbies are part of our daily lives, which we definitely do every day. It helps to avoid our daily pressures. It gives us much joy and physical, mental and spiritual comfort. It is like a yoga and meditation, sometimes even more benefits. It leads our brain to activity and inspires to do something better in life. Good habits dramatically improve our performance as well as improving our personality and characteristic characteristics. It helps us find our abilities and ability and encourages them to experiment in the right direction. Our hobbies make our mind fresh and calm, by keeping us apart from the daily crowd of life.

My favorite hobby is gardening and I like to plant new plants and give them water every morning. Looking at the blooming flowers and growing plants, I feel a great achievement and feel the reality of life. It helps me keep healthy, strong, healthy and fresh. Watering trees and gardening every day is the best exercise for me, which turns my brain and body towards positiveness.

Essay on my interest (hobbies) 6 (500 words)

The hobby of doing something or doing something is a good thing, which one person gets from childhood. It can be developed at any age, however, having a hobby since childhood has its own importance. We do all the tasks according to our own interests, which provide happiness and happiness to us, the same hobby is called. Some people have different hobbies according to their interests, likes, and dislikes. There are so many hobbies that we can develop; Such as dancing, singing, listening to music, painting, playing indoor or outdoor games, watching chills, collecting ancient things, taking photographs, writing, eating different things, reading, gardening etc. Our hobbies help us in our lifelong, with the help of which we can build a successful career. The hobby is that, which we enjoy in our spare time completely.

My favorite hobby is to cook, listen to music and gardening. However, I always love doing gardening. Horticulture is like meditation for me, which improves my ability to work, interests and abilities. It gives me high level of comfort and makes me useful throughout the day. Every morning, I enjoy blooming flowers in my garden, slowly seeing plants growing. I also enjoy the sun and sunlight every day in my garden. I usually like to sit in my green garden, to get the work done from the school. I play badminton every day in the garden with my father in the evening and enjoy the evening walk with my mother. I look at the development of new plants every day and water the plants everyday. I have planted some new and ornamental plants to enhance its beauty and decoration in my garden.

I am 14 years old and study in class 9. I want to continue this hobby till the last moments of my life. They keep me away from all the stresses of busy, happy, and daily life. My parents encourage me to continue all the hobbies. When I try to solve all my problems in a simple way without any anger and tension, they are very happy to see it. My mother always says that horticulture is a different and good interest than any other hobby; This bless us because we give them life through watering powders. Since my childhood, I take up to 1 hour of daily, daily care of it in my garden. I made three beautiful green grass rugs using the Velvet grass. I have made a beautiful bed of flowers in every corner of the garden and have painted variegated roses, lilies, mongra, marigold, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers. At the festival of Christmas, I enjoy decorating a large Christmas tree in the middle of my garden with my friends and family.

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