1 Taulmaran

Social Media Dissertation Questionnaire


PART-B (The ans which is appropriate for you plz converted black letter into red one/ones)

1-Are you aware of any websites where you can make friends and socialize (Social NetworkingWebsites)? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Dont Know

2-Which of the following websites are you aware of? (You may tick more than one option)

(a)facebook(b)orkut(c)H5(d)ibibo(e)Linkedin(f)Youtube(g)Myspace(h)Twitter(i)Others3-Are you a registered member of a social network websites? (a) Yes (b) No4-Which of the following websites are you a registered member ?( you may tick more than oneoption) (a)face book (b)orkut (c) H5 (d)Ibibio (e)LinkedIn (f)YouTube (g)MySpace (h)Twitter(i)Others5-How long you have been using social network websites ?(a)Less than 1 month(b) 1-6month©6 months to an year(d) 1-2years(e) 2years+6- How long hours a week do you spend on social networking websites ?(a) 0-5hrs(b) 6-10hrs©10-20hrs(d) 20-30hrs(e) 30hrs+7-How often do you use social networking sites?(a)

Not at all(b)





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