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Course Completion Certificate Ignou Assignments

B.Com (A&F) from IGNOU for students of the ICAI

Summary of the course and FAQ are available on the ICAI’s site (www.icai.org). This write up focuses on applying for the certificate and other course completion related procedures. Assignments and exams are covered in brief.

Eligibility for B.Com (A&F) Degree

You will have to complete the following in entirety for becoming eligible for your B.Com certificate under this course.

1.       Part A Subjects: C.P.T. of the ICAI

2.       Part  B Subjects: 6 courses of the IGNOU

(i)                  Assignments

Assignments @ one per subject will have to be submitted at the Study Centre chosen by you. They are available for download at the IGNOU website.

The following are to be submitted:

1)      Facing Sheet (if required by the Study centre – format will be available with them)

2)      Assignment – copy of the question paper

3)      Assignment – answer sheet – handwritten by you

Make sure that you take a copy of the above before submitting to the centre. Also get the acknowledgment (format available in prospectus) signed by them.

The assignments would be evaluated at the centre and marks will be forwarded to the Regional Centre and from there to the University.

Your assignment marks should get updated in the “Grade Card Status” section in the INGOU website (http://stuinfonew.ignou.ac.in/result.asp) in about 3-4 months. If the marks are not updated even after such time, you should contact the Regional Centre’s Computer section and make sure that your marks were received from the study centre and that it was forwarded to the University. If this is not the case, you may have to follow-up on the assignment status with the study centre. This is where the assignment copy and acknowledgment play a role.

(ii)                Exam

You will have to appear and pass all the 6 IGNOU subjects in either the June/Dec session. Marks will be updated on a progressive basis in the site within a few months time. Your grade card would also get updated with the exam marks in a phased manner. 

3.       Part C Subjects  :  6 Subjects of PCE & 100 Hours IT Training of ICAI

4.       Part D                    :  Completion of Articleship        

Applying for the B.Com (A&F) Certificate

The course is based on a credit transfer system and hence you would have to provide adequate documents to IGNOU for facilitation of such a transfer. The documents to be sent are:

(i)                  CPT Mark Sheet

(ii)                IGNOU Grade Card

(Ensure that both Assignment and Exam marks in respect of all 6 subjects are available)

(iii)               PCE Mark Sheet

(iv)              PCE Certificate

(v)                100 Hours IT Training Mark Sheet – You will have to request the branch where you took the training to issue you the mark sheet.

(vi)              100 Hours IT Training Certificate

I recommend that the documents be attested. If you can-not get it attested from a gazette officer, make a self attestation. Attach a covering letter providing details of your registration with IGNOU and ICAI (Mention registration numbers), relevant dates, contact address etc., fact of completion of articles, and requesting issue of completed Grade Card and Certificate.

The above documents have to be sent to the office of:

The Director

School of Management Studies

Room – 30, Block - C

IGNOU, Maidan Garhi

New Delhi – 110 068

I feel that it should be preferably be send by Speed Post as you can track the status online (at the website of India Post) and thus ensure delivery.

Issuing of the Certificate

You will be issued a provisional certificate and grade card in a few months time. Certificates are issued at the Convocations held annually at Delhi and RCs. Letters will be issued to you informing the same. You can also request for the original certificate (in case you are not attending the convocation) to be sent by post. Either case, you will have to make payment of prescribed fees (presently Rs. 350) towards certificate issue charges. The request is to be made to the office of the Registrar.

Delay – Part and parcel of this course!

IGNOU is the largest University in the World with students numbering in lakhs. This is one of the main reasons in long delays in updation of marks, issue of certificate etc. The only option available to the student is to bear with it and at the same time make adequate follow-up. The Student Support Centre of IGNOU (ssc @ ignou.ac.in) may be contacted with any queries and they will take the action required. Delay is not avoidable in any case – but we have to accept the fact that volume always plays a role.

Recognition of IGNOU

I have heard several persons remark that IGNOU’s degrees are not recognized at par with those of other Universities in India. This is not true at all. The degrees awarded by IGNOU are at par with any other degree issued by any University in India. Copy of the UGC’s letter awarding this status to IGNOU degrees is available for download at http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/division/srd/new

What next?

Apply for M.Com (F&T) from IGNOU.


The above information is purely based on my experience and is not extracted from any official release. So, errors and difference in procedures / requirements should please be anticipated.In case you find any offical release prescribing any other procedure / requirement to be followed, please act accordingly.

Best of Luck!

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Indira Gandhi National and Open University will be issued semester exam results to all the students. The students can collect their mark sheet from the regional study center of IGNOU. The students can know about their IGNOU mark sheet dispatch status from the official site. Keep visiting the official website every now and then will help you to know more about IGNOU mark sheet dispatch status.

IGNOU Mark sheet not received

Indira Gandhi National and Open University will be conducted the annual exam in the month of June and December. The exam board of IGNOU will be released the exam results for all courses in different day. The students can check their exam results from the official site. After the declaration of the exam results, the students should check their theory mark and assignment mark from IGNOU grade card. The exam board of IGNOU will be published IGNOU result on the official website of IGNOU at www.ignou.ac.in. After that, the exam board of IGNOU will send the IGNOU mark sheet to the students by their postal address. But, IGNOU takes more time to declare IGNOU mark sheet to the students. The students should be patient to get their IGNOU mark sheet from IGNOU. More or less, IGNOU will take 7 to 10 days to issue the mark sheet to the students. In some cases, IGNOU will take 10 to 12 months to provide the mark sheet to the students. To one side from this, the students can know about their mark sheet dispatch status online. Instead, the students can ask about mark sheet to the regional study center of IGNOU. IGNOU will also issue IGNOU mark sheet and degree certificate in the convocation. If the students who have not get their mark sheet, then the students can write the letter to the IGNOU. The students have to pay Rs. 400 online for receiving the mark sheet of IGNOU. The students have to pay demand draft in favor of IGNOU to get the certificate. The students must attend their convocation to get their degree certificate and IGNOU mark sheet from IGNOU.

How the students can get duplicate mark sheet of IGNOU?

The students who have finished their IGNOU program completely can get and hold their duplicate mark sheet of IGNOU from the official website. The students can easily download their duplicate mark sheet of IGNOU from the official site. Following things should be considered while downloading duplicate mark sheet from the official website.

  • First, the students have to visit the official website of IGNOU.
  • Several links will be appeared in the screen.
  • Select the direct link of “Duplicate mark sheet of IGNOU” in the home page.
  • Select the term end option link to get IGNOU grade card.
  • Then, the students have to fill the required details such as name, enrollment number, name of the program, duration of the program, address of the students, month and year of the exam and demand draft number.
  • Make the payment through net banking, debit card or credit card.
  • Then, click ok button.
  • Duplicate grade card will be sent through the students’ residential address by IGNOU University.

Method to know about IGNOU Mark sheet dispatch status

IGNOU will issue IGNOU mark sheet after completed the course and mark sheet will send to the students’ residential address. The students should be prudent to provide their correct communication, personal and educational details in the application form. Most of the students are not waiting to get their mark sheet for long time. The students can check their dispatch status about their IGNOU mark sheet. The students of IGNOU should go and visit the official website of IGNOU. Indira Gandhi National and Open University will be provided complete details about student, marks of the student, program course, and duration of the course and percentage of the students in the mark sheet. The students should login to their account by using their valid username and password. If the students who have forgot their username or password, then the students can retrieve their password or username. The students should provide their enrollment number, name of the student and program of the students to know about IGNOU mark sheet dispatch status. Otherwise, the students can ask the details about IGNOU mark sheet status to the regional study center of IGNOU. After getting the mark sheet, the students can check their mark sheet. The students should verify their mark, enrollment number, name of the students in the mark sheet. If any mistake found in the mark sheet, then the students can report to the exam board of IGNOU.

Last Updated on 29th December 2017:Important Notification: Last date to apply in Fresh admission and Re-registration for January 2018 session has been extended upto 31st January, 2018. The date has been extended for all the Programs including Certificate programs (without late fee).

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