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Et4640 Homework 2 Answers

Parminder SinghAP Government, P.2March 3, 2016White House AssignmentOrganizaTon of the White House1.What are four advantages of a pyramidal form of White House OrganizaTon?a.Provides a clear chain of commandb.Permits specializaTon at the lower levelsc.Provides more accurate informaTon to eh president and in a Tmely mannerd.Provides decentralizaTon of details, which allows the president to manage many issues at once2.What are four disadvantages of a pyramidal form of White House organizaTon?a.Distorts informaTon due to so many levelsb.Isolates the presidentc.InFuences all members to miTgate bad news since no one wants to be the bearer of bad newsd.Results in the sta± controlling the president more than the president controlling the sta±3.What are three advantages of a circular form of White House organizaTon?a.Gives all members equal access to the presidentb.Permits the president to obtain informaTon from a variety of sources

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